The Exploding Tree

Let’s pretend this is an episode of The Cat in the Hat on PBS.

Sally and Nick, or whatever their names are (not that I’ve watched it so many times that I have the slightest inkling, mind you), are playing in the backyard.  They discover the stump of a cut-off tree limb and start freaking out about the design they see.

Woah!  It’s like a star exploded inside a tree!  How did it GET that way?”

Suddenly, the Cat pounces from behind the tree, eagerly spouting knowledge about expansion, rings, etc., in a voice shockingly akin to Martin Short’s.

The children are invited to explore this phenomenon of The Changing, Exploding Tree, by joining the Cat in the flying Thingamajigger and traveling back in time to the tree’s youth.

I’m sure this is EXACTLY what the script for that show looks like. 

and then the Cat says something in a crazed lunatic’s voice, and the kids go wild!  Meanwhile, children all across America learn valuable lessons about…things that have cool designs.

Well, until PBS starts paying me the big bucks to write inspirational television material, I’ll hang out in my backyard shooting interesting patterns and designs.  I need no Cat to tell me that God appreciates natural art.


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