Thirty’s Perty

I still remember thinking, “I’ll never be 14.”

20-something?  Rather old.


It wasn’t quite pushing up daisies, but it was certainly standing on the edge of the grave with a shovel and a signed will. 

And here I am.  *POOF!*  My twenties are…gone?!  What happened?

All of a sudden life sped up.

I look back over the last decade and smile.  When the beautiful chapter of my 20’s began, I was fresh out of a rebellion of spirit, and wondering what was to come in my single existence. 

What came were temp jobs, music tours, piano students, journal entries about where in the world my future husband would come from, and prayers that God would guide me.

He sure did!

I’m thirty as of this past weekend, and it. feels. GREAT!

(Well, that was me 5 years ago, but I look about the same now.  I have more laugh lines, lost that amazing hoodie, and probably can’t fit my post-pregnancies hips into those capris.  But I’m still smilin’!)

During my twenties I slowly became an artist, a teacher, a wife, a mom, and a human being who wasn’t tangled up in knots inside, wondering what to do with herself.  These are things I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to do.  I wonder what the thirties will hold?

The sad truth is that I used to picture life as an endless, boring road.  It was straight, dark, and without purpose.  Beige ground stretched away from this road forever and held no promise of anything fun or joyful. 

God has completely changed my view by renewing my spirit and creating new life in my heart.  Now I see life as a grand adventure: a road that winds up mountains, through valleys, between skyscrapers, and in and out of colorful, crazy towns.

There are people to meet, new things to learn, and the wonder of God’s mercies, new every day.

My hope and prayer is that I’ll grow in faith, love, and grace, and in my abilities and strengths as a wife, mom, and artist.  No one ever knows what’s coming in their future; but I know God holds mine safe.

Happy Birthday to me!


9 thoughts on “Thirty’s Perty

  1. I love being thirty and had no problem with the day it happened last February. I said basically the same thing you say here about my twenties and all that they held for me. I can’t be so sure that I will feel so grateful for turning 40, though. That’s not to say that my 30’s won’t be wonderful and full of growth, I know they will. It’s just that 40 must feel like slowly lifting up that leg to step into the grave that you speak of! It has to… but we’ll see!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday my sweet friend, and thank you so much for your blog. I read it every day! Trust me, when you do hit 40 you wont “feel” 40 either. I’m 41 and I still feel like I’m 20.

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