Usually Studio Tuesday is about a current project of mine in art, music, or some other creative line.  Today it’s still about creativity – my sister’s!

I’ve mentioned her before – my younger sister Hollie.  She has an incredible gift for creating art.  Give her pastels, paper and scissors, a camera, a handful of beads…  The medium doesn’t matter.  She’ll make something amazing. 

This is the bracelet she made by hand for my birthday:

What an awesome idea!  I love the blues – just like the sky during my favorite season (right now).  The little touches of amber and wood are PERFECT.  And she could not have chosen a better joiner – a button with a beautiful leaf on it.

She has a unique way of balancing symmetry and asymmetry in her design.  And the craftmanship, the way it holds together perfectly (no matter how many babies I’m balancing on my hips as I try to get lunch going) is a testament to her true gift.

She’s one of these people who has mathematical ability and artistic genius rolled into one…  One of those people who’s willing to share it with others.

Thanks for sharing it with me, Hollie.  I’m feeling all bebangled with love.

As you readers think about Christmas gifts, don’t forget how special it is to receive something handmade.  It doesn’t have to be a bracelet or a painting.  Could be a sack of cookies! 

No matter what it is, you’ll probably 1) save some serious money, 2) make the person feel extra loved, and 3) enjoy your Christmas “shopping” more than ever.  Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Bebangled

  1. Aw!! Heidi Lynn, I’m blushing. Don’t write about me! My bravery in trying to make something like that was inspired by you! And your pics of the bracelet are awesome. I’m glad it’s surviving still…

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