A Blue Hat On Purpose By Mistake


When will I ever learn that the weight of yarn affects the size of the finished product?


A couple Christmases ago, my mother knit my Sweet Babboo a great sailor-style black hat.  I swipe it daily.  Figured I ought to just knit myself one to ease my conscience.

So I used the same pattern she’d used, but chose yarn that we already owned.  Sort of forgot to check the weight.  Halfway through the cuff, I realized it was going to fit a walrus.

But I LIKE cuffs!  That’s a good thing, considering my blundering idiocy.

Therefore, I purposely-accidentally changed the pattern and made a slouch hat that is 3/4 cuff and 1/4 body.  I’m wearing it right now.  Lovin’ it!

Turns out, however, that if you knit a gigantic hat with a large cuff, it will stretch miraculously upon your noggin as you break it in.  I’m going to have to find a way to creatively “take it in” in the back.  See how it’s rolled up?  Needs a little Weight Watchers For Hats.

Buttons, maybe.

Is anyone interested in the pattern?  I’ll post it if you like, complete with the recommended yarn weight.  🙂

Happy knitting.


2 thoughts on “A Blue Hat On Purpose By Mistake

  1. In Crochet, the size (thickness) of the needle affects he size of the garment, as well. I don’t know about knitting needles, do they come in different sizes, too, or are they all the same? It’s a lovely hat… even if it would fit a Walrus. If you can’t fix it for yourself, just find someone with a huge melon to gift it to and then make yourself a new one!

    • Nice – you made me laugh 🙂 It’s the same in knitting – all different size needles to make different sized pieces. I’m determined to make it fit me… But we’ll see. Who do I know with a giant melon?

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