Sea Shanty Workout

Yesterday was one of those cold, grey days when one baby cried to hear himself roar, and the other was not to be outdone; when every employee in the local dollar store treated you like you ran over their cat; and when you must sadly admit to your readers that you just polished off a giant spoonful of chocolate fudge sauce, expiration date unknown.

I did.  I know, it’s sad.  Look away.

To be sure, some days are harder than others.  But we are not without tools to help us.

Total thought change.  Stick with me.  I’ll circle back:

For a couple of summers, I worked as the music director for a children’s theatre.  It took place at one of those schools where a few parents were likely to drive up in their yacht.  I had a grand time. 

One intern in the program was an unusually free-spirited, marvelous young lady who loved music and belly dancing. 

(Sea shanties?  Free-spirited theatre chicks?  BELLIES?!  Not following…)

This intern furnished me with a mix of sea shanties, since we were writing an original pirate play.  That CD is what turned the day around for me yesterday.

See?  Told you I’d circle back.

One song in particular is part of the reason why I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with Quinn.  Although…  The chocolate spoon probably reversed that.  Forget I said it.

Are you having a good day?  Get up and dance to this song for the delight of it!

Are you having a ROTTEN day?  Did you run over a cat?

I defy you to sit on your duff when this song is played.  It could be, friends, that a little jig is all it takes to shake off the blues.

(My apologies to the slice of the population who have an aversion to feet.)

It is IMPOSSIBLE to stay grouchy when you’re spinning round and round out of control with a curly-headed, shrieking toddler, who has momentarily forgotten the 4 eye teeth he’s been cutting.

Today I am thankful for the chance to work out my crankies carrying a 16 lb. baby, and then a 25 lb-er, stomping and romping through the living room like a sailor on a night off.  Turns out the house wasn’t as cold as I thought. 

Click on this link for a good dance:

By the way, I noticed a workout center next door to the dollar store, where people in overly tight clothing go to trim down and shape up.  Turns out I don’t need that either:  I can break a pretty good sweat on my own. 

Save some money.  CUT A RUG!!!


9 thoughts on “Sea Shanty Workout

      • I agree with you .. the song is really nice.. My day will come to end in 2 minutes… different time zone 🙂 .. but still thank you for your wishes .. i am sure I can carry them to my tomorrow .. May you have a blessed day and your family

  1. Oh man, I am totally out of breath, but the kids are now listening to it for the second time and have experienced no drain of energy whatsoever! We had fun! Thanks for a graat way to start the day.

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