Good news!  The blog host program I’m using has developed a glitch which shuts down my internet every time I try to upload a photo.  Photography Friday has been undermined.


Sooooooooooo.  (Picture me on stage now, at a comedy club wearing hot air balloon suspenders and a bowtie.)

Yeeeeaaaaaah.  How ’bout those Bears?


(chirping crickets)

Ah boy.  Oh wait!  I know a joke!

(angry patron in the back refrains from throwing a cabbage)

Did you hear about the new corduroy pillow?


It’s making HEADLINES!  Get it?!  Head lines!!!!

Ah ha ha ha ha!

(The MC catches the cabbage and grabs the mic, shoving me offstage.  “Sorry folks.  There’s nothing we can do about a stinker here and there.”)

Love you, Jon.  (That’s his joke.)

Hopefully tomorrow all will be solved and the verse of the day will be accompanied by a stunning, full color photo and not by drrrrripping sarcasm.

Until then, it’s FRIDAY!  Have a fantastic weekend, and peek back in tomorry.  Ya never know what yer gonna git.


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