The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 2: Her Royal Soapiness

Steam rises in long, wafting ribbons.  Warm, non-committal music begins, setting the stage for a delicious enchantment: the modern woman’s shower.  Her hand moves in slow motion to grasp the bottle of pink, gooey, heavenly body wash.  AAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Tiny sprays of blue and white flowers flutter upward when she removes the body wash cap.  An irresistable smell fills the air, scented like a spring meadow after rain on a warm day in the middle of May when butterflies flit magically about an English garden.  (Was that descriptive enough?)  A unicorn prances across the bathroom. 


Yeah yeah.  We’ve heard it all before.

Change the channel.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love a luxurious shower, complete with delightful smells replacing bad ones, and smooth legs replacing prickly ones. 

I just don’t love the ads that make me feel I need this, that, or the other thing. 

The very BEST thing I ever soaped up with was a complete surprise to me: goat soap.

Oh EEEEEWWWWW, you’re probably saying.  Goats?  That has NOTHING to do with a ladylike shower.  Oh, but it does.

I never knew a bar of soap could be my shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream all in one.  For some reason, this stuff is capable of that in ways that a typical Dove bar or what-have-you is not.  My hair feels great after, my skin is squeaky-clean, and I’m not dried out like an alligator or whatever the royal soapiness companies want me to think.

I love it!

It can seem a bit pricey at first, the version I like being $4 a bar.  But when you consider that it’s farm-fresh and combines 3 shower staples into one (plus supporting the “little guy” in the business world), it starts looking like a very frugal choice.

Seriously, anything made with LARD has got to be good for your skin.  Nice and smooth.

There’s contact info on the label in the photo above.  I finally visited the website (the soap I have was a gift) and there are many choices, beautiful scents, and a down-home feel.  I’m in love.  For real.

Some will argue that using coupons and getting the cheapest of cheap body products is the more frugal choice.  I maintain that each woman needs to make up her own mind about the pro’s and con’s of these things.  What is important to you? 

If you like simplicity, this is a good way to go.  Chemical-free, local, and fresh?  Good choice for you.  Maybe more than you’d pay for all the products this one replaces?  Possibly…  But you’ll be getting something healthier. 

(I’m not sure you’d pay any more than usual either.  The least expensive shaving cream is usually $2 a can around here.  A bottle of nasty cheap shampoo is about $1.  Then there’s still a bar of soap to use.  I’m pretty well sold.)

There’s a chance that this will keep at bay some of the chemical-induced diseases our culture is plagued with.  It might save us having to pay for costly medical procedures down the road. Therefore, when I can, I’ll happily fork over a little extra cash here and now.

I’m off my soapbox now.  Ha ha.

I did promise a post about an amazing moisturizer.  It’s coming!  We’ve got to go in order here.  🙂  Last Monday was Her Face and you could argue that this post makes that one obsolete.  Not for me – my face really feels better after baking soda than after soap.  The next step was the whole shower, and then there’s the moisturizer.

I will give you a sneak peek at next Monday.

There.  Heh heh.

Hope to see you tomorrow!  I’ll be scouring the backyard for something beautiful to put on our table.  A challenge to myself (and you) to keep the cold months interesting.


12 thoughts on “The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 2: Her Royal Soapiness

  1. That has to be an Olive Oil cap. Am I right, am I right??? I was thinking it might have been that and then you posted this picture… hmmmmm. Oh, and I am sold on the goat soap. When I get home I am going to a local market that sales this kind of stuff and getting some. I am so tired of buying so many different products and really trying to simplify. This morning I got in the shower here at Carol & Fred’s house (we’re visiting!) and I realized I forgot to get the things I needed. All that was in there was a single bar of Dial soap. I probably wouldn’t have washed my hair, if I had noticed this before I started wetting it. But I had. So, I opted to use the bar soap to wash my hair rather than smell like a wet dog. I felt strange and curious while doing this and thought to myself, “I totally love that I just used this ONE little bar of soap for my WHOLE shower.” However, I didn’t really like what it was, as that kind of soap usually dries me out. Then, I get on here and read this post. Goat Soap. There’s my answer, who knew? Apparently you did. =)

  2. You got my attention and I already have a jar with baking soda in the bathroom now.. it is good..
    going to the shops tomorrow to get the Goat soap .. and waiting for the reast 🙂

  3. Glad to see your blog up and running again…and with pictures! 🙂 I second the vote for olive oil…and I am a HUGE fan of goat soap…AND goat shampoo bars. Takes a tiny bit of getting used to because we’re so used to big, foamy lathers…but that’s not what cleans our hair! Plus, it isn’t loaded with unreadable chemicals! I also use baking soda to wash my hair (1T. in 1 C. warm water), and then apple cider vinegar (1T. in 1 C. warm water) for a rinse.

    • Do you find that there’s a big difference between washing your hair with goat soap shampoo bars and regular goat soap bars? I’ve been using the regular for my hair too and have liked the results. Not sure if there’s a better way though. I’ll have to get your thoughts sometime on how you get the baking soda/rinse ready for your shower. I’d like to try that. Hollie was encouraging me to try, too – no poo, she calls it. HA!

  4. In interests of frugality, I would like to know how long one bar of goat soap lasts. I ran out of shampoo last week and used my trusty trader joe’s oatmeal soap (all natural), but it seemed like to get enough to wash my long hair at that rate it would get used up very quickly. Those bars are pretty cheap, but if a $4 bar went really quickly I don’t know if it would be worth it or not.

    • You read my mind! I’m going to start a new bar of goat soap today (after I try giving myself a haircut – ahhhh!). It’s going into a plastic soap saver and I’m going to write in Sharpie the start date and end date. I need to know the same thing, because even though I’m in love with the stuff, I can’t buy it just because I like it. Has to be okay with the pocketbook. I may end up doing the baking soda wash/vinegar rinse for my hair (which is short but very thick) and using the soap for everything else. We’ll see. I’ll jot myself a note to write a post about the goat soap when I finish the bar. 🙂

  5. For our family of 6, a bar of goat soap and/or goat shampoo doesn’t last as long as I would like it to…however, it can be stretched to last longer when I alternate with the baking soda/vinegar routine. Heidi, ask Mom about the difference between the shampoo bars and soap bars…I can’t remember what it is off the top of my head…

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