November Centerpiece Challenge

Now and then on Studio Tuesdays, I like to delve into home decorating.  It is an art form in itself.  And though I am not Martha Stewart or whoever the next guru of “good things” is, I can manage to get a smart-looking table up if I need to.

A while back, I learned that my Mother took a flower arranging class in college.  One of their assignments was to create a winter bouquet, using only what they could find in the cold, bland outdoors.  I was intrigued. 

Winter tends to take some of the twinkle out of my eye, being colorless and long…  But it doesn’t need to!  There’s beauty everywhere and all year round.  I am challenging myself – and YOU – to make a monthly centerpiece this winter.  One for November, one for December, etc.  We might be surprised by what we’ll find.

The only limitation is this:  Keep the focus on the thing(s) from outside.  Sure, add a piece of ribbon, a candle, or a vase.  But using one leaf to adorn a completely indoor display doesn’t count.  🙂

For my November piece, I went about as simple as possible:

We have an errant trumpet vine that’s trying to eat our garage like a boa constrictor.  I lopped off a section of it (yard work at the same time – look at me go!) and twisted it into a loose wreath. 

To this I added a tiny bow made out of a gift wrap ribbon I’d saved.  I am a fanatical packrat, and it does come in handy.

Lately I’ve been keeping a ceramic pitcher full of water on the table 24/7.  It’s cold enough in the house now that the water stays nice and cool, and it reminds me to drink up!

(Incidentally, look at the photo below.  Do you see a face in the pitcher?  I noticed one on the upper left of the pour spout.  Looks like a charcoal cartoon of some Charles Dickens character.  It’s not my reflection.  I promise.)

The vines seemed like the perfect complement to something functional, and a great way to dress up the table without burdening my eyes.  I love simplicity, like the lines of the vine shadows – quietly stunning.

What can you come up with from the cold outdoors?

Even if it’s not cold where you live, take the challenge.  It will probably only require 10 minutes of your day to put together an inviting centerpiece – something that shows your family or friends that you thought ahead about sharing the table with them.

This is also a great opportunity for getting your kids involved with the homemaking arts.  Could they help you collect leaves, sticks, acorns, or ivy?  Kids have wild imaginations.  Let them loose!

If you’d like your creation displayed on The Full Vine, take a picture of it, and email it to me at  I’ll include any photos I receive in the December Centerpiece Challenge post.

Have fun! 

This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalm 118:24


5 thoughts on “November Centerpiece Challenge

  1. What? Are you sure that face isn’t from something you were wearing? You know…a shirt with faces on it…. 😉 That is SO weird!

    And to your challenge….I’ll have to be uber creative…since I don’t think Judy would appreciate my using her gardens… haha

    • VERY weird. A little creepy.

      I would say use anything from outside – not just right around your house. From a parking lot, the beach, anyplace you find yourself. I probably should have said that in the post.

      Hey, everybody! Anything outside counts!

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