I Can’t Begin. But I will.

Today is Thanksgiving Thursday in the truest sense of its title.  It’s Turkey Day!  Football!  Crowded living rooms and full plates and stuffed bellies!  And kids who don’t want to take naps but can’t help it; and adults who do the same.

I can’t begin to think of what I’m thankful for because there’s so many blessings to try to remember.  God is so good and faithful. 

But I’ll try.

food on the table my awesome husband his patience with me our sweet boys everyone being healthy this holiday our home family that doesn’t dread getting together a quiet house daily strength from God a haircut that I didn’t butcher too badly

the chicken we ate last night and will eat for several days to come a rainy day in which I realized I hug my toddler more when we’re stuck inside muffins a dry basement cars that run God’s consistent provisions and protection being able to get a tick out of Riley’s arm last night finding the tick later after I dropped it on my dark jeans (go me)

MUSIC ART CHURCH warm clothes cookbooks HEAVEN SOMEDAY simple things like onions and garlic, clean water, and fresh milk OUR CAMERA a backyard to run in being strong enough to run GETTING A BREAK FROM PREGNANCY God’s love for me

Hardly even a start, but I figured I should try.  God deserves some attention today.


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