The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 3: Her Skin

Oh NO!  I’m getting WRINKLES!  For cryin’ out loud – I’m only 30!

A sudden flash of advertisements blazes across my mind.  What will make the lines go away?  How can I lift?  Tighten?  Stay young and soft?


I always forget that’s the easiest way…

Wrinkles and lines – laugh lines in particular – can hardly be helped when you’re living a full life and enjoying it too.  And I suppose there are some expensive creams that work, keeping a woman’s face, neck, and hands wrinkle-free a little longer…  But I can neither afford them nor spend the time right now sifting through them.

I always wonder, too, what the long-term effects are of using a lotion or cream with undisclosed ingredients – chemicals, perfumes, dyes – slathering it all over my skin, letting it absorb into my system day after day…

I suppose I could sleep sitting up and clothes-pin my face upward by means of a pulley system attached to the ceiling.  That would be “uplifting,” right?

Perhaps I’ll just stick with what I’ve been doing.  Remember this photo from Part 2?

One reader guessed olive oil.  It was a nice guess.  A little close for comfort, in fact.  My thoughts were: Whew!  Smart lady…  She’s on to me…

Not it, though.  Nothing against olive oil.  It’s good stuff.  But I don’t like the smell on my face, since I’m used to it in my bread bowl and salad dressing bottle.

My main squeeze is grapeseed oil! 

It has next to no smell at all, and is not greasy in any way.  It’s about $10 a liter, which made me cringe at first…  But then I realized that in order to cover my face and neck, all I need is one fingertip-full.  One dunk.  That’s it.  This stuff will last forever.

Oil does not last forever, though.  At the end of its shelf life, it can become rancid.  It’s a good thing this kind of oil can be used for your entire body and your entire menu too!  Give it a try.  I know my mother also uses it as a medicinal ointment for her horses.  Try that, Pond’s cold cream!

I found a good article comparing olive and grapeseed oils for cooking.  Check it out:

Grapeseed oil will be getting a thorough tryout in our kitchen.  🙂

Between the baking soda face wash and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer, my skin has never looked or felt better.  To prove it, I have decided to bravely “face” the world wide web sans makeup.  Here I am:

AAAAAHHHHH!  I mean – oh.  How pretty.

I also found a good article on the benefits of grapeseed oil for your skin:

I find it lighter than olive oil, and less “oily” and “smelly” – better for my face and my senses.

There’s no product that can really stave off aging.  We age.  It shows.  My hope is that the evidence will be in laugh lines more than anything.  That’s the trademark of a good life. 

Laugh at myself, not others.  Laugh when I’m the only one who finds a joke funny.  Laugh in a quiet room because someone’s sneakers sound like toots (I really, really am just like a 5 year-old).  Laugh when an ad promises youth forever or, better yet, happiness.

Grapeseed oil won’t keep me looking perfectly young when I’m 90 (although according to the above article, it might help).  But it will save me the trouble and money spent so often on products that promise what they can’t deliver.  This one only promises something completely natural and harmless.  I’ll take it!

Grapeseed oil won’t bring me happiness.  But peace with God, a husband whose maturity level is both far beyond mine and just as juvenile…

…a couple canned hams called Riley and Quinn… 

That sounds like happiness to me.

If you give grapeseed oil a try, let me know what you think.  I’ve used it on my infant’s skin as a massage rub too, and he hasn’t had a problem with it.  Gentle, frugal, natural, simple. 

Sold American, as Dad would say!


13 thoughts on “The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 3: Her Skin

    • I leave it on. Only a thin “coat” is necessary, it seems, so I just give it a few minutes to soak in. For the rest of the day, my skin feels terrific and not greasy at all. That’s always my worry – I have the typical “dry T” of forehead and nose, and oily in other places. This stuff seems to work well on all areas of my face. Love it!

  1. We were huge Dr Bronners fans here, we both used it for body, face, and shaving cream. When I got pregnant I stopped using as much it because it was too drying, but kept using it for my face because I didn’t want to buy anything more. I JUST gave in a bought face wash right before you mention using baking soda. I’ve been adding baking soda to my face wash and it’s great. I’ve been using olive oil for my skin the last few weeks too, and I wish I would have started sooner. It’s great. I’ll have to look into grape seed.

  2. That’s awesome. I can hardly wait to try! Of course I just bought a big ‘ol bottle of whole foods lotion. That should last me well into the next year. But after that…

    You’d probably find this article interesting. All those ads for tighter, firmer, younger skin… I think they are more about airbrushing than actual reality:

    • So I just read the article. I have to smile. She’s gorgeous with or without makeup.

      But how sad… She seems terrified of anyone seeing her as less than airbrushed to perfection. Guess that comes with the territory of modeling. Someone should take a lovely limelight photo of me sitting here on the couch, feet up in red pompom slippers, wearing a chic poofy sky blue bathrobe, hair done in a just-fell-out-of-bed style, no makeup on except what’s stuck under my eyes.

      Ah, real life.

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