The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 4: Her Smell

Contrary to the belief of middle school boys everywhere, women have bodily functions.  We pee, poo, emit shocking amounts of gas, and burp, gurgle, and growl just like men do.  Women simply prize the ability to hide these noises and smells, whereas men typically celebrate the volume and length with which they can be emitted.

Today I’ll focus on smell – scent, ladies, if you’re feeling particularly dainty at this time.  The information in this post is meant for women and men; but I am obviously writing from the woman’s perspective.  Men, don’t tune me out.  I did just admit to belching.

I don’t want to smell bad…  But just like almost every other human being on the planet, my armpits, if left to their own devices, will drive away even my loved ones.

What follows is a random, gorgeous nature photo from my collection meant to give you a sense of relief from this overly frank discussion:

Far from being a hippie-like fascination with all things natural, this choice to use homemade deoderant is first a health-conscious choice.  After watching two generations before me, possibly three, endure the ravages of breast cancer, I’m ready to protect my own body in any way I can.

Smearing chemical-laden deoderants right next to my breasts day after day does not seem like a good idea to me.  Neither does shelling out half of our savings for “natural” or “organic” deoderants which, quite frankly, have left me smelling…natural. 

I’m sensing the need once more for a nature shot.  Think of other things…  Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu…  I’m smelling the zooooooooo…..

Tom’s of Maine came close…  But even that was pricey for me.  (And then there was the day I wandered through my parents’ horse pasture, wearing the apricot-scented stick, feeling like a model on a natural-products commercial, and a bee mistook me for a fruit tree…and stung my armpit.  Ow.)

My current deoderant is no more than baking soda and cornstarch, kept in a small Pyrex container with a little cotton cloth for dabbing it on dry. 

This is 1 part baking soda, 6 parts cornstarch.  This simple, inexpensive recipe keeps me stink-free, dry, and chemical-free.  Worry free!

And truly the best part is that I don’t have to ask my husband to spend his whole paycheck on my pits. 

If you’re curious about what got me fried up about this (oops – typo – that should read “fired up” unless on Wednesday I’m planning to post a recipe called Fried Mrs. Full Vine – come back on Wednesday to find out!), please click on the following link.  And then, by all means, come back and comment on The Full Vine about what you think! 

It may not be for everyone; but if this strikes a chord in you, don’t be afraid to try it.  You might be surprised…

I hope the frugal tips I’ve shared these last 4 Mondays have been helpful and fun for you.  If you have more of your own, please comment and spread the word!


6 thoughts on “The Frugal Woman’s Toilette, Part 4: Her Smell

  1. Hi Sweetie! So here’s the deal… I have been using Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant for quite some time now (probably a year or so) and it works pretty well. It was the first “natural” store bought one I came across that worked. But lately I’ve been thinking that it probably still contains more chemicals than I would like it to. (I mean, we all know that the word natural is used very loosely in the marketing world, so you still have to cautious!). However, I am sure it’s still healthier than some of the leading deodorants because it doesn’t contain the common ingredients proven to be toxic. While I am happy with what I have been using, I am tempted to try the home made stuff for the sake of being even healthier. Another blogging friend of mine has been using it for a long time and she posted her recipe some time back, along with some interesting information about detoxing from your old stuff. She uses the same thing you do, only hers contains Coconut Oil. Anyway, I thought I’d go ahead and share her link with you because I think you will find her post interesting:
    The two of you are so helpful and inspiring.

    • Ooh goodie! Naptime reading. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the link! I’m delighted to find out what other people are doing…which is where my ideas usually come from. I’m not all that original – but definitely a foghorn for what works!

    • Hooray! I hope it goes well for you. I just read another woman’s story about how her body had to detox from all the chemicals before the homemade stuff really worked. My body went through that too, even after just using Tom’s of Maine natural deoderant stick. I was so determined to find a better way that I kept using homemade deoderant even when it didn’t work perfectly at first. I just realized that I often only have to apply it every other day or two now. This, for me, is a great triumph! So be encouraged… Give it a whirl and I hope it works out wonderfully for you. 🙂

  2. Wow, I am very interested. I have the same issue, and I am using Tom’s. I’ve tried a couple other brands too and they don’t work well either. Does your homemade stuff leave white on your clothes? I am very intrigued. Thanks for posting!

    • I haven’t noticed any white from the rubbing process of daily life – no lasting stains or residue. The only time I’ve gotten it on me is during the application process. I’ve found the best way is to be topless (*gasp* – she’s writing about being topless) or freshly showered – anytime before I put on clothes. But I’ve done it right under my shirt, just being careful, and brushed off the excess afterward.

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