First Haircut

Mama’s smiling.

But deep inside she’s wailing,


Last night I gave Riley his first haircut.

Doesn’t he look handsome?

Thank everything that the curls are still there.  This was traumatic enough. 

Based on his face, do you think he’s pleased?

Doesn’t matter…  He was starting to look like Gene Wilder with his finger in an electrical outlet, and we just can’t have that.

(Beautiful shot, Jon – you are the better photographer.)

8 thoughts on “First Haircut

  1. I knew you’d have to do it someday. He looks as cute as ever! Wait until he’s a teenager and you’re begging him to let you trim just a little. This will be a sweet memory.

    • Yeah… He really did great. I put a pile of books in front of him, said “you can read any of these that you like…” and got to work. He just sat there reading the whole time. I tried not to get emotional and did the deed.

    • This morning I panicked! It was so straight compared to that photo. But by tonight it was back to being its boingy self. Never imagined I’d have such an attachment to my child’s hair. How sad is this – I still haven’t thrown out the pile of hair.

  2. But I love Gene Wilder! Especially as the Frisco Kid. Okay, okay, I admit you might not want precisely that look for your little boy. He continues to look adorable, long hair or short.

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