Something To Stand On

This is the best part of the day… (so far)…

A time of sipping something steaming, reading, thinking, and praying.

A time of sitting that gives me something to stand on.


2 thoughts on “Something To Stand On

  1. I really need those times too. But I have a hard time in the dark months- in the light months I take my cup of tea and Bible and journal and sit outside and watch the sun slant through the trees and hear cheerful birds waking up. But in the dark winter I don’t really have a good place to retreat to. The kids wake up just as early as I do (Marc keeps tabs on them while he is getting ready for work) and the only place I can be is in our room with the door shut and the only place to sit is on the bed. Somehow I find it very hard to stay focused and even awake on a cozy bed early in the morning when it’s still dark out. What do you do?

    • I know what you mean. If I sit on our bed, I’m done for. Zzzzzz…

      It used to be my practice to see Jon off in the morning and go back to our room with a cup of coffee. I’d light a candle and sit on the floor in a corner to have devotions. Still a little sleepy, but it worked all right (until I’d start nodding off).

      Now a typical morning works like this:

      Starts very early, getting up with Jon and making breakfast as quietly as I can so as not to wake the kids. If Quinn stirs, it’s to eat and go back to sleep. If Riley stirs, he’s not getting up yet and he knows it. 🙂 Jon goes off to work and I sit on the couch with a hot drink and have devotions. Then I blog, maybe take a shower or do laundry, and get the kids. Or if I’m running late, I have devotions, maybe put up a post, throw on some clothes, and get the kids looking like I just rolled out of bed. Heh heh.

      They do have to stay in bed a little while this way, but that’s what works for us. My plan is to encourage them to read in bed for a few minutes as they get older, and hopefully transition that into encouraging them to have their own devotions during that time. We’ll see how things go.

      This works for us because our start time is so early. If yours is not, maybe there’s a way to MAKE a winter spot for yourself? Do you have a basement? I wonder if you could get a free or cheap comfy chair off Craigslist or Salvation Army or something (or get a great new one – whatever) and set up a special Kirstie And God spot in the dungeon?

      I am prejudiced toward basement activity because that’s where my sewing and painting spaces are. I love it down there.

      Do you have an attic? Bubble bath? Maybe that’s irreverent. Or maybe it’s awesome.

      I’ll keep thinking.

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