Stockings On a Stick

In the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, I’d wake with a start, and get a familiar warm feeling in my belly.  Sliding down a few inches under the covers, I searched until my toes hit something squishy.



The older I got, the bolder I got.  Sometimes I just sat up in bed and felt the wrapped packages for size, weight, shakeability, and sugar potential.  Sometimes I’d gingerly unwrap one or two before guilt consumed me and I’d flop back down on the pillow.

Ah, Christmas.

When we were done opening our stockings on Christmas morning, the sisters always made trips to each other’s rooms.  What did YOU get?  Look at THIS!!!

My older sister Kimberly had usually been up for a hour or so already, showered, made her bed, and had devotions.  I was still picking sleepies out of my eyes and trundling around in a bathrobe, mouth full of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups.  The bed could wait.

Nowadays, Kimberly still has it together.  She will laugh hysterically when she reads this, but it’s true.  I have the pictures to prove it!  If you’re looking for a creative way to display your stockings before Daddy Santa and Mommy Claus fill them, here you go:

What could be more graceful and simple than stockings on a stick?

These are attractively displayed over the wide downward staircase between her kitchen and living room.  The perfect spot: Every time the kiddos walk by it, they can do a little happy dance inside and count down the days again until Christmas.

Here’s another look:

Why all the commercial noise and confusion surrounding Christmas?  It’s meant to be a simple time of remembering Jesus and sharing our love with one another.  I felt drawn into the spirit of Christmas when I looked at the Family Stocking Stick.

I’m not sure they call it that.  But it seemed fitting.  Kimberly, you are so ridiculously creative, a wonderful Mom and a godly woman.  I’m inspired by you every time I come to your house.  Thanks for letting me share these photos.  You’re a good sport.  🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Stockings On a Stick

  1. I am still laughing at the “having it together” part 😀 And the “family stocking stick” which I unceremoniously (sp?) hauled out of the woods and whacked nearly everything in the room hanging it up! 🙂 Thank you for making my morning extra special!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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