December Centerpiece Challenge

Each cold month this year, I’m challenging myself (and YOU) to create a dining room table centerpiece using mainly natural objects from outside.  No cheating!  If it’s something you found outside in August, it doesn’t count.

Anything you find outside now can be used – from sticks to stones to pieces of yard waste!  This challenge is being issued because I am fighting with all my might against the grey, bleak, boring attitude I usually adopt toward winter.  It’s still a time of beauty, and I want to learn to recognize it.

Here is my December centerpiece:

My goal was to keep it Christmasy, thinking about Jesus as the Light of the World, but looking for something unlikely at the center. 

After all, a baby is an unlikely form for the Savior to come in, right?

I found dried echinacea blossoms right outside our window, still containing last season’s seeds.  Those will be getting scattered strategically outside later.  🙂 

The echinacea is tied with dried, wilted…something.  You know the papery green ornamental grasses that homeowners love to plant?  That stuff. 

There’s also some oak leaves in there (I LOVE rusty Fall colors).  And naturally, surrounding it all, is a big puff of white pine needles. 

These have been very carefully tucked in around the candles so that nothing ignites while we’re eating chicken.

The tea lights, looking very cool, are actually not the greatest idea I ever came up with.  Courting candles have this wood piece that you move up the spiral as the candles burn lower. 

That wood piece starts smoking when it gets too hot.  Oops.  The tea lights haven’t been lit in a while so that nothing ignites while we’re eating soup.

But there seemed to be plenty of light without those: The two long tapers which have been burning for meals all through the Christmas season; and three small candles in the middle, sitting in red and amber glass.

That’s it for me.  What can you find outside?  If you send me a picture, I’ll post it when I do my January Challenge.  Just watch out for flammable things if you’re using candles, so that nothing ignites while you’re eating oatmeal.

ps. I’ll include your name and city/state/country or any of those that you choose.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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