A New Baby Boy


Just kidding.  🙂  We still have only our two boys, Riley and Quinn.  Handsome little buggers, they are.  What a treat to hear our house filled with their squeals and shrieks of laughter. 

One is licking Crisco off the lid of the jar before I can catch him. 

The other is pulling off his socks with great satisfaction.

The first has found his poopy diaper from early this morning, the one Mommy forgot to deal with.

Handwashing follows.

The second has a fistful of curtains as I’m closing the front door.

The first is so very sad because, now that the door is closed, he can’t ooh and ahh over the garbage trucks going by.

One is cutting teeth, the other is saying “bye!” to the contents of the toilet bowl as they flush away to some mysterious land.

Jesus came as a baby?  I shake my head and smile in delight. 

If I could wrap my head around Him coming to earth in the first place, GOD Himself placing His majesty aside for humanity, that would be enough.  Incredible.

But He can do anything!  Why not just show up as a man and get the whole thing over with?  Skip all the bumps and bruises and bodily smells along the way?

He was born.  He went through the whole process of life, from microscopic beginnings, to being kissed by His exhausted mother for the first time. 

Did you ever picture Him like this?

I think He wants us to.

I hold my 5 month-old and can hardly breathe for the wonder of it.


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