Grace and Gummy Bears

I was thinking about grace last night as I sank my teeth wearily, thankfully, into a yellow gummy bear.  So satisfying at the end of the day.  Something to chew on while you’re discussing your kids.  Something to tear apart in quiet frustration. 

A day that ends with your toddler biting your husband out of the blue is not a classically sweet day.  But it can end beautifully.  “I love you, Riley.  Kiss-kiss on my cheek?  Oh, thankyou.  Give me five.  Let’s pray.  Sleep well, baby boy.  Good night.”

The usual things ought to be said no matter what.  A parent figures there’s a reason why a sweetheart of a boy suddenly bites.  Or throws a chair or a tantrum. 

But I don’t understand it.  I miss my usual silly, nutty, cheery boy. 

Orange gummy bear.  Yum yum. 

Could it be that being sick all week, having a booger sucker stuck up his nose over and over all day long, has temporarily replaced a tiny bit of his usual twinkle?

Could be.

Green gummy bear.

The green one’s lonely.  Better eat a red one too.

Red is my favorite color.  Often it reminds me about what Jesus did for me, something totally ridiculous in how painful it was for Him and how I completely did NOT deserve that gift. 

This verse has been beating around in my head: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Here comes a white one…

Weakness becomes a window – a place for God to display His glory and power.  His grace is enough because He says so, just like when a parent tells a child “because I said so.”  That’s just the way it is. 

I have to trust Him that no matter what challenge I’m facing, His grace to me will fill up all I lack.

I do trust Him.  His death for me and resurrection prove what I need to know: He’s trustworthy because He really, really, really, really loves me.

Toddler logic is straightforward:  The woman behind the booger-sucker is trustworthy because she loves me.  I will receive hugs and kisses no matter what at the end of the day, because I always do.  My parents love me.

Adult logic is not so straightforward:  Tomorrow night I can have 3 cookies because I just ate almost all of my gummy bears and yet I was so self-controlled that I left a few behind, just so I’d look less piggish.  Therefore, I can reward myself with a few extra niceties.  And if I leave a chocolate chip behind as penance tonight, the following night I ought to deserve SIX cookies!

I don’t deserve cookies OR gummy bears OR God’s special help and healing like I’ve experienced it this week.  He’s just been there for me and freely poured blessings on me like Christmas presents.  I’m hoping to do the same today for my boys and my Sweet Babboo.  “Jesus really, really, really, really loves you, and so do I.” 

Life can easily be a door (or a window, if you like those better) – a portal – ooooh, that sounds futuristic and fancy – an opportunity to show grace like Christmas gifts.  Time to get our little ones out of bed and beckon them into that cozy room of hugs, teaching, and love.


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