Brought To You By Hurricanes

When a hurricane shows up in the weather predicitions, no one’s very happy about it.  Except for maybe storm chasers or weather stations.  Or people who sell eggs and milk around here.  And makers of rain jackets and umbrellas.

And Riley.

Next time one comes up, however, I might be tempted to look for the silver lining around the ominous black cloud…

Last August, Hurricane Irene hit.  Not a big one, by New England standards.  Certainly not as heavy as many people thought it would be.  But it was enough to knock out our power for several days, making the ins and outs of daily life VERY interesting.

I have to admit that I enjoyed carrying pots of steaming water in from the campfire and doing dishes by flashlight.  There was something exhilarating about not having every convenience – living by the sweat of my brow and the work of my hands in every little task.

I felt like Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables, carrying a tall candle up and down the stairs of our quiet home.

But it did get old.  Quick.

It says in Romans 8 that God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Now why didn’t I think of that during the hurricane? while I listened, sleeplessly, to the wind picking up? when my 6 week-old baby was sick and I could only just make out his face by candlelight?

“All things…”

We had no electricity.  Therefore, we resorted to an old activity, simple and inexpensive, charming and intimate.  An ancient art…


Not that we’re reading Little Women.  I’m on my own with that one.

Each night we sat by candlelight and whittled away the hours by word.  Punctuated only by the breathing of our baby and the neighbor’s generator, the hum of a story gradually took over our living room. 

I picked up knitting again.  Jon read, I worked with my hands. 

Eventually, the electricity came back on; and the constant noise of life returned.  We, however, are HOOKED on books again.

God bless the storms that renew our skill in the art of BEING together.

Now I can hardly wait for our nightly ritual, often accompanied by a cup of tea and a heating pad. 

Hopefully someday we’ll be old folks, still devouring this or that novel, chatting about it at meals, oohing and ahhing over handmade projects, and relishing each other’s company, shoulder to shoulder on the lumpy living room couch.


5 thoughts on “Brought To You By Hurricanes

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  2. I’m the main reader-alouder in our house, it’s a long tradition of reading aloud passed down my family. I’ve been enjoying reading The Prydain Chronicles to Marc in the evening, which I read aprox. 5,000 times in my childhood but Marc had never even heard of. He loves them.

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