I Challenge You To a Duel

Reheated cup of coffee, steaming.  Open bag of chocolate chips (naughty, naughty).  Nikon D40 memory card.  Heating pad.  Time to blog.

Then I’m sprinting upstairs, taking the steps two at a time as quietly as I can.  My 6 month-old is screaming, less than 1/2 an hour into his nap.  I must try to get him resettled before he wakes my 21 month-old, who is sleeping peacefully across the hall.

And here I am again.  This will be a short post, and I thought you deserved to know why.

I got the big end of the stick on this one, folks.  Burying my face in the sweetly perfumed downy hair of my snoozing son, I remembered with delight: Blogging comes second to my offspring.  I love them so much. 

And my computer doesn’t giggle or smell nice.

Today’s post, therefore, is simply a challenge: Put me to shame!  It’s time for the January Centerpiece Challenge.  🙂

Go outside and find the fixin’s for an amazing winter centerpiece.  Mine is going to be pretty sweet.  However, I feel a little ashamed…  One of the key elements of my piece doesn’t seem like it should be outside during winter.

But it was.

Yours will be cooler – so please, send me an email with a photo of your creation!  I will post mine (and yours) next Tuesday, when you can kick me up and down the street with your creativity. 

If you missed the December Centerpiece Challenge, take a gander.  I had fun.  November wasn’t too shabby either.

I have now consumed an inordinate amount of chocolate chips and must go do housework to burn off the calories.  See you.


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