Sun and Silence

Do you ever tire of hearing your own voice?

Moms especially feel this way when the voice says over and over

“don’t touch!”

“not in your mouth!”

“not in his mouth!”

“thiiiis waaaayyy…”

“on your bottom!”

and even the nicer ones like

“Do you want Mommy to kiss it better?”


“Hooray!  You pooped!”

Days like today I’m thankful for silence.  Some days I’m thankful for conversation… every day thankful for adult conversation…  But right now my voice is getting a rest.

And as I sit here typing, connecting invisibly with you, sunlight is streaming through the window, smiling across my skin, and reminding me that God’s goodness is always there.

If you live near me, you’ll realize I wrote this yesterday.  Today it hasn’t stopped raining from the time I woke up until now…  But I remember the sunshine from yesterday and smile.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Sun and Silence

  1. Ha! I am constantly saying that I am so tired of hearing my own voice. Oh, and I laughed out loud when I read that “hooray! You pooped!” comment. We practically throw parties around here when Landon poops in the potty… it’s a REALLY big deal, since that’s an area he still really struggles with. Anyway, I hear ya… silence is a sweet and rare gift at our house, too!

    • Then I’m praying for you to have some extra “sun” in some form this week. May the Lord encourage you and strengthen your heart as you need it, and support you with His right hand, as I just read this week in Psalm 18:35,36. Big hug. 🙂

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