January Centerpiece Challenge!

Here it is!  January’s centerpiece challenge, a dare to find anything creative and potentially attractive in the cold outdoors, is under way.

Kimberly from RI shared pictures of her center-masterpiece, focused around a log which her husband cut and drilled.  I love not only the main piece, but the bowls of red apple candles and pinecones on either end.  Ah, symmetry!  Love, love, love.

When I look at that picture, I can hear the chatter and giggles of my nieces and nephews!

See the scones in that shot?  Those are the Better-Than-Starbucks Scones.  Thanks for the recipe, Kimberly!

Here’s another angle, capturing her devotions in a cozy spot at the table:

I’ve decided that I may surprise her at breakfast one day – just show up with my napkin tucked in to my collarEverything she makes looks good! 

Kimberly did warn me that the log, which I believe is birch, burns very easily.  If you try this, keep an eye on the candles.  🙂

What a great idea, right?  So simple and really beautiful.  I visited her home while this was on the table, and it was inviting and gorgeous.  Nice work!

I’ll share mine with you also, although it looks a little bizarre for January.

Shells?  In January?

We live close enough to the New England coast that seagulls often fly over our backyard.  We used to have a tall clump of rabid lilac bushes which have been recently…er…put down.  Under the wreckage, we found LOTS of shells. 

The shells lived with golf balls, and old china, and metal pipes.  People are weird.

My January centerpiece contains items which transport me to summerland.  I need that now…

I kept the shells “moving” as they progress toward a wine bottle oil lamp.  There has to be light in there somewhere!


A hidden golf ball keeps people “behind” the piece involved, and no matter where you sit, you can see shells.

The wood was out in the yard, too.  Just showed up one day.  It smells like a campfire and makes me feel like we’re living in a lodge.  January?  SucCESS!  🙂

If you planned to submit your January pictures but missed the deadline, don’t worry!  There will be a February Challenge, too!  Get on it!


6 thoughts on “January Centerpiece Challenge!

  1. By the way, as I reviewed this post, I realized something: Kimberly’s centerpiece is beautifully complimented by the table runner under it. I wonder if I should add something to that effect? Mine may seem cold without something underneath… I have a piece of green burplap – oops…burlap, not burp-lap – that I could fringe raggedly and sneak under there. It’s still January, right? What do you think?

  2. Glad to hear there will be a February challenge, I will try to catch that one. I was intrigued by the January one, but had already made a centerpiece out of the branches we cut off our Christmas tree and never got around to making another one for your challenge.

  3. I did actually go outside and look around my backyard. Maybe you could have found something there, not me. I think a walk in the woods is needed. Anyway, I am impressed with your creativity! And I love the birch log.

    • Well, since you went outside and looked, then HOORAY! That’s part of my goal for myself – go outside as opposed to staying in all winter (and look at what’s out there, in case I find anything). I admit, I was very lucky to find what I did this month. February may be a lot harder. There’s very little color to be found anywhere. I’m trying to think “outside the box” – line, patterns, groupings of things tied together…. Not sure what it will be….

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