Decadent By Design

I love food.  Unabashedly, I state the truth.

People talk about evolving, about slowly becoming what we are versus what we were…  But why do I have taste buds?  Why do chocolate chips make me swoon?  Why does this photo make me want a tall glass of milk NOW?

I believe life is decadent by design.  Some may call that “hogwash.”  But how come I just typed “hog” and now I have the mysterious urge to wolf down a BLT?

Power of association, pure and simple?  I don’t think so.  I could be digesting sunlight like plants do; but I’m not.  I could be tearing apart raw fish – wait – some people do that voluntarily.  Raw antelope.  That’s better…  But I’m not. 

Believe what you will…  I give props to the Maker of Taste Buds.


One thought on “Decadent By Design

  1. Waaaaiiiit a minute! What about a recipe for those gorgeous things? Or did you already post one and I missed it? I am brewing a cup of tea and I sure would like one right now.

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