Cozy Ears

Today I’ll share a link for my fellow knitters and a slew of ridiculously cute pictures for those who enjoy such things.  If you’re not into yarn, color, design, babies, or coziness, I’ll have some kitchen yummies for you tomorrow.  🙂

Quinn needed a hat.  His head is large, together with the rest of him, and he’s wearing clothes that his brother (15 months older than he) has just barely outgrown.  Yikes.

All sorts of leftover yarn lurks in my cubbies, and I chose two blues for this project.

This was a very simple pattern to follow, whipped out in two nights.  If I could stay awake longer, it could be a one-nighter.  I’ll include the link at the end of this post. 

The hat looked ADORABLE on him.  I’m prejudiced.  But you have to admit this is one cute chunker:

He’s a scrappy little fella and hardly ever stays still.  That, combined with his large noggin, makes it tough to keep his ears warm.  So I improvised. 


See the ear flaps?  They’re simple triangles.  Here’s how it works:

Cast on 3, knit 3, and follow this sequence until they’re the size you desire:

P1, Increase 1 (make one by purling the front and the back of the same stitch), P to end of row (*If you’re new to making increases, look it up on YouTube – great tutorials*)

K1, Increase 1 (make one by knitting the front and the back of the same stitch), K to end of row

When you’ve created a triangle that’s large enough to cover your snuggle-bunny’s ears, continue to knit one row, purl one row a couple times without increasing.  This will give you room for sewing it on to the inside of the hat – just a little extra to play with.


I may create an i-cord on each ear flap so it will stay in place even better.  But in the meantime, I think he’s pretty happy…

…and pretty cozy. 

If you’re looking for a cute, warm toddler hat, check out this link – and have a GREAT day!


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