Up Before the Sun

You have to rise early for some shots.  Not that I get up while it’s still dark for photography purposes.  Some people are that hardcore.  Somewhere.

But since I happened to be up before the wisecrack of dawn the other day, I was able to witness a beautiful sunrise.  Not that I took a picture of the actual sunrise.  Some people are smart enough to do that.  Somewhere.

I sat there, gazing out the window with the pinks and oranges reflecting in my eyes, and ran to grab my Bible.  Figured I’d hold on to the inspiration of that sight as I spent time with God.  But then the image in front of the sun caught my eye, and I had to get the camera.

Something about the softness of the light moved me.  Isn’t it grand to think that the new life waiting to burst out in Spring is already right there on the tips of the branches?

If you’re ever feeling totally blah about things, get up earlier and look outside.  🙂  There’s a whole world of inspiration while the house is still quiet.


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