Bury Your Face In Color

He must have known, somehow, that the day had just worn out its welcome.  Kids were crying, temperatures were up, teeth were not cutting through gums fast enough, tummies were hurting (mine included), naps were not being taken…

Around 3pm, I ran to the door to greet my Sweet Babboo.  I wanted a second of face time with him before he entered the Cry Zone and we’d be swamped with all the issues of the day.

There was my husband, his fist full of flowers. 

I almost burst into tears.  “You could not have picked a better day for this.”  I mean, not only was the world crashing down in our household, but it’s winter.  The forecast is calling for cold, white grey, bleak outdoors and a severe lack of color.

Just in case your world is a little grey too, I thought I’d share some pictures of the beautiful flowers he brought home. 

What a great way to encourage someone – let them bury their face in color and smell it too!

Look in the background…  There’s butcher paper taped down to the table, and a big bowl of chalk and crayons for Riley’s coloring pleasure.

Any way you can work color into your home during these long, cold months, DO IT! 

Purple carnations…

Yellow alstromeria…

Magenta spring roses…

Baby’s breath…

Color works wonders!

Knit something, buy a potted plant or cut flowers, dig out an old, brightly colored favorite piece of clothing that went out of style and stuff it down in a vase for crying out loud! 

Bury your face in color and enjoy these days.  🙂

Yellow daisies…

He knows just what I like.


Did I mention yellow daisies?

Even if all you have for display is a big, empty animal cracker jar, you can do it.

Pink roses, a personal favorite:

More pink roses…

Every time Riley and I are in the grocery store, we visit the flower and balloon department.  We sniff.  We smell.  We ooh and ahh and talking too loudly about things that we have no intention of buying.  It’s fun.

Thank you, sweetie, for fulfilling one of my secret winter wishes, and giving our house a new splash of color. 

I love you for it.


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