The “No Poo” Verdict

You wake suddenly, drenched in sweat, trembling, mouth dry.  What a nightmare! 

Everyone was staring, gawking at your greasy hair which hung limply in front of your eyes.  You were branded a super-geek for life and would never have a date or a spouse or a better job or an invitation to pose for your favorite magazine.  Palm-sweatingly tragic.

I think this is what the shampoo companies want us to think will happen if we stop using their chemical-filled, over-priced products.  So they come up with increasingly ridiculous ads to make us believe we need their stuff, and we shell out money over and over for products we do not need.

This is my verdict on commercial shampoo:

I am never going back. 

Maybe someday if I’m confined to a nursing home, the staff will pour their own choice on my head.  I think I won’t be too concerned about shampoo at that point.

But for now, I am SOLD

I’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar as my ONLY hair products for two weeks, and I love it!!! 

Despite a little initial detoxing in the form of some extra grease, the regimen has been better than I’d even hoped:





and my shower isn’t full of bottles of painfully expensive “natural” or “organic” products either. 

Why would I go back? 

If you’re curious what “no poo” means, having sadly missed my first post on the subject, just click on this link:

Got The Skinny On No Poo?

And after you read about my foray into the world of Crazy Lady Hair Care, click on this link to read about the real dangers of commercial shampoo:

The Shocking Truth About Shampoo

Of course, if I keep posting crazy-sounding ideas like this, I may be thrown into the Funny Farm, at which point, I will be forced to shampoo with whatever the White Coats bring. 

Then again, No Poo is sweeping the nation – maybe even the world.  Could it be that the “crazy” thing is not giving this a try?


2 thoughts on “The “No Poo” Verdict

  1. Hey, so far so good after my first try this morning… my hair certainly doesn’t feel any worse than after when I shampoo it normally, and actually I kind of liked how my scalp didn’t feel all tight and itchy afterwards… which often happens normally. I also like the baking soda face wash- same thing, my face didn’t feel all uncomfortably tight like all the moisture had been sucked out with the soap. So, I am going to push on!

    • EXCELLENT! Hope it continues well. Don’t be surprised if your hair goes through a greasy period. Most people agree that it detoxes for a bit and then settles in to a nice routine. Good luck!

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