Until Next Time

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I’m feeling better, the sun came out,

and it’s time

for an important announcement:

We’re going on vacation! 

Kinda sorta.  Maui?  Not exactly…  Chilly New England.

My Sweet Babboo is off from teaching this week.  He’ll be working a second job (what a hero, allowing me to stay home with the kids!) and we’ll be here, same as always –


we will not be getting up before it’s light,

he will not be face-to-face with 9th graders all day (9th graders of the world, you understand, right?)


I will not be blogging.

In honor of a vacation-of-sorts, I’m taking a week off to do some maintenance work on The Full Vine.  I truly love writing to you each day, and I want to make it the best experience possible for everyone who pops in. 

While Mama works, please continue to stop by and nose around my re-do’s and experiments.  Most of all, have a wonderful week, and know that I’m thinking of you.

To kick off my week of semi-silence, here’s the REAL soul food thought for today:

Every time I bend over to scoop up one of my chillins, I am stooping.  Bending.  Creaking a little, maybe, but stopping in the middle of what I’m doing to fully hold and lift them.

Your right hand supports me. 

You stoop down to make me great.

Psalm 18:35b

It is impossible for me to fathom the Sovereign Creator bending down to notice and help me.  But somehow the feeling of lifting my hefty 20lb 7 month-old helps me grasp it a little.  He’s helpless, even though he’s huge.

I’m helpless, too.  And I am not judged for that.  God isn’t pointing his finger at me and scolding me as I’m so apt to do to my own children.  He’s gentle and humble.  Jesus Christ the Man proved that.

Thank you, God, for supporting me, being gentle with me, and stooping down to identify with me in my weakness.  I love you for it.


Until next time, friends!

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9 thoughts on “Until Next Time

  1. Can’t wait to see what your creative juices cook up during vacation week. I hope it’s a really good week for all 4 of you! Love you.

  2. I’ll miss my morning read, but I’m sure you’re going to do something fun. Meanwhile, this evening I am compiling some of your suggestions and seeing how I can make them work… think I might try the no ‘poo method because shampoo and conditioner are doing absolutely nothing for my hair this pregnancy. It’s a good thing I have light hair because my scalp is horribly annoyingly dry since I got pregnant and you might have a light snowfall if I turned my head upside down and shook it a bit (it’s all worth it for you, baby). Hoping maybe the baking soda/vinegar rinses will help. I’ll let you know! And I’m going to try the baking soda for my face, too. I have to admit I have almost entirely stopped washing my face because I couldn’t figure out that washing it really actually improved my skin any. One more thing to go when I am dead tired and it takes a pep talk just to get myself to floss!

    • Please let me know how your go with No Poo works out. So far so good here and I really hope it gives you some relief. I have a confession to make, too. I’ve almost entirely stopped using makeup. Burt’s Bees lip gloss is about it, unless I look particularly haggard some mornings. I read the list of ingredients in my old mascara, and was horrified. Who knew – today Jon told me he likes me best without any makeup on at all. Aren’t our husbands wonderful?

      Still praying for you and your little one. I can’t wait to see pictures…and maybe eventually meet your brood!

      • Yay Jon! I know Marc doens’t seem to care much either… it’s more me and my opinions about myself! Hmmm, maybe my skin will clear up enough on your new routine to go without cover-up (I don’t slather on any foundation or anything, just spot-covers). I don’t wear a lot of makeup but what I do wear I get at Whole Foods with their natural makeup line. I went to an Arbonne party recently and I was pretty impressed by their stuff, very all-natural/organic, but it really amazed me that they were talking about how getting their ultra-awesome skincare regime was such a deal… only $300 for a six-month supply. I tried to imagine what my husband would say if I came home and said “Honey, I just spent $300 on skin-care products!” I think I will give the Heidi-routine a try, personally! I really wonder if there is some way to manufacture your own sunscreen though. Can you get to work on that? 🙂 Anyway, back to organizing… I know it sounds silly but preparing for this no-‘poo routine has had me dragging and unused file cabinet into the bathroom this evening (a small, white, under the desk size, not a giant honking metal one) to put next to the shower so I can have some place to put the stuff…

      • Ha! I’m glad you clarified because I was picturing you dragging a giant whale-weight cabinet next to your shower. Marc freaking out… I can’t really picture him freaking out though. Not like me. I’m freaking out. I just switched my blog theme over and it looks TERRIBLE! I will live. Just have to figure it out and it’ll be fun to do. 🙂

      • Marc wouldn’t exactly freak out… but he might start looking behind my ear for a control panel or something, suspecting his wife had been replaced by some bizarre robot alien clone. And yes, I was wondering why, when replying to your comment, your blog looked so odd. I’m sure you’ll figure it out with your usual amazing creativity. I think I just figured out a good system… I found a narrow bottle and measured a 1 tablespoon mark on it and a 1 cup mark on it to make pre-shower measuring easy. I have also just punched holes in a little ball jar just like yours for baking-soda-containing. Marc did eye me a little oddly while I was doing that.

  3. Um, this one looks a little too much like you’re about to conduct a seance. I don’t suggest it (I just happened to go back to this tab that was still open and went “whoa! what on earth?”)

    • Yeah… For a couple days this may bounce around between seance, stark white, and general poopiness. I’ll work it out. I have a darn good picture in my head. Just need to figure out how to make wordpress spill it out.

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