Peanut Butter Blammos


1/2 C. butter

3/4 C. brown sugar

1/2 C. honey

1 egg, well beaten (take THAT!)

1 TBS vanilla

1 tsp salt

1 3/4 C. peanut butter

1 – 1/4 C. shredded wheat cereal

2 C. whole rolled oats

1 C. flaxseed

(like I said – blammo)

Confectioner’s sugar


This is a no-bake recipe and requires a crock pot.  See my note further down about trying without one.

Mix the first 7 ingredients in your crock pot and cook on low for half an hour.  Add the remaining ingredients.

When all the ingredients are well mixed, cover the pot and cook on low for 1 hour. 

(Note: I’m sure you could easily do those first steps by melting the first 7 ingredients in a large saucepan, adding the rest, and standing there stirring for a long, long time.  No thanks.  It might also work to bake the combined mixture, covered, for the same amount of time it would be in the covered crock pot.  I just didn’t try it.  Feel free.)

Turn off the crock pot and let the mixture cool for about 15 minutes.  You need to be able to handle the stuff without burning yourself. 

(Another note: My husband would be extremely bummed if he came home to a fridge full of delicious looking treats that were full of FRUIT.  So I wanted to make one batch chocolate chip and one batch chocolate chip and dried fruit.  Therefore, I divided the mix into two batches at this point, and added my ingredients of choice to the separate bowls.)

Run your hands under cold water, and scoop out a golf ball-sized piece.  Roll it into a ball, roll the ball in the confectioner’s sugar, and set it down on wax or parchment paper.

Repeat until the whole mixture is gone.  If you want to, you can go back and give each ball a roll in the sugar again. 


If you have any left by the time they’re done cooling, good for you!


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