Whole wheat flour = 1 C. (Try it!  Don’t be gun shy about this.  It gives these amazing flavor, unlike so many chalky, wheaty things that bear no resemblance to anything edible.) 

Brown sugar = 2 TBS (Regular granulated sugar works too – use your favorite kind)

Baking powder = 1 tsp

(You can mix a huge batch of those 1st 3 ingredients, and store it for a while in a large container.   When you need a quick meal, scoop out a cupful and add to it to the following ingredients.)

Milk = 1 C. (yogurt can be used with good, slightly tangy results)

Eggs =  1


Mix the dry ingredients well.  In a liquid measuring cup, lightly beat the eggs.  Add them to the dry mix.  Measure the milk into the liquid cup, and add it to the mixture too.  Stir well. 

Drop by 3/4 C. at a time onto a hot skillet for one large pancake per person (three 9″ flapjacks total), or by 1/4-1/3 C. at a time for a couple smaller pancakes per person.  If everyone’s really hungry, I’d recommend doubling the recipe.


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