Easy Garlic Toast

Quite possibly the easiest side dish ever, and certainly one of the tastiest!


-Several pieces of stale bread, or a thin loaf that you’d like to slice through sideways if it happened to come out particularly flat, etc etc etc

-Butter or margarine

-Garlic salt (or use garlic powder plus salt)

-Dried or fresh parsley


Lay out your slices or loaves so that there is a cut side facing up.  Spread the bread generously with butter or margarine, and sprinkle with garlic salt.  Follow with salt if using garlic powder. 

Sprinkle parsley all over the top of the bread.

It’s easiest to control how this comes out if you make it in a toaster oven.  It will probably take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes on a normal toast setting to get a nice golden brown on the edges of the bread. 

However, you can make it move along faster by setting it on broil, or by actually making the Garlic Toast under the broiler in your oven.  Just be sure to watch it, because it will get blackened FAST (I just did that accidentally on Easter).


Amazing garlic toast!  A frugal use for old or flat bread, masquerading as a culinary delight!


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