Elegant White Bean Spirals


Homemade tortillas

Cooked navy beans (or white beans, pink beans, something light-ish)

butter and oil

garlic powder, parsley, sage

Parmesan cheese

plain yogurt (homemade is the best if you’ve got it!)


Melt butter in a hot skillet and sauté cooked beans.  Add oil (I used grapeseed oil) as needed to make the beans smooth and spreadable.  The butter is mostly for non-sticking purposes and for flavor.

As you sauté the beans, mash them with a fork or potato masher.  Add in the spices.  I use mostly sage with just a hint of garlic (if I feel like it) and a sprinkling of parsley for a little color.

The goal is to get the beans “refried” smooth and tasty, so don’t worry about cooking them for a long time.  Toward the end of their fry, add Parmesan cheese to taste.  Just before serving, stir in enough plain yogurt to make the beans nice and creamy.  I like the addition of yogurt for its tangy zip, and because it makes the beans creamy without using a bathtubful of butter.

Open a warmed tortilla.  Spread a thin layer of white beans over it to the edges.  Roll it up long-ways and cut it into several slices.  Serve!


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