Lunatic with a Lens

Time to get the groceries!

Wallet?  Check.  Phone?  Check.  Keys?  Check.  Kids?  Diapers?  Check.  Camera?


Well now, I ask you: What trip to the market would be complete without a Nikon in tow?

I would have missed these silent watchers if I hadn’t had that crunchy, broken lens with me.  Noticed the sun, looked up blinded, shot the sky.  It wasn’t until I viewed the picture at home that I could see the seagulls up top.  Hey, fellas. 

That same day, my neighbor caught me shooting the dead ornamental grass in our yard.  Her house was in the background.  I think I give her the creeps. 

What are you taking, Heidi?” she asked me.

(Did she mean what PILLS am I taking?  Is there one for the artistically insane?)

I’m taking pictures of anything and everything that moves, and a lot of things that don’t.  Here’s to my fellow lunatics with lenses!