Cuddle With the Color of the Ocean

Oh, the virtues of a brandy new bag of yarn, delivered effortlessly to your door in winter!


Plymouth Encore Light Blue Grey, welcome to the family!  You will become an afghan for my tired, cold Mommy bones and I will snuggle under you at the end of countless frigid days to come.

What do you think of the color, mateys?

I am in LOVE with blues and reds, which is no surprise, since these are the colors which create purple. 

Purple was my muse growing up.  I’ve since expanded my affections further into the rainbow…  But these have a special place in my heart. 

I can hardly wait to feel this project take shape in my fingers as I cuddle with the color of the ocean.

(p.s. Two Tuesdays from now I will post my February Centerpiece!  Working on yours yet?  Get on it!  Go out in your backyard and find something for your table!  Creativity is tested in winter, and you can do it.  Email me a picture or two and I’ll post yours alongside mine.  GO!)