We Have Our Fingers In Many Pies

My older sister has four kids.  She homeschools, raises chickens, you name it, she does it. 

Is she Super Mommy?

Her recent texts reveal the truth.  Want a peek?

S. spent the morning being, um, busy.  She ate toothpaste, got into Q-tips, brushed her teeth with the floor cleaning toothbrush, took out books and distributed them into several rooms, fell off a chair and bit her tongue making it bleed. 

A. did puzzles, which S. wrecked.  A. picked a scab and came to me with blood trickling down his leg. 

There have been tears over not being able to read the word “short,” complaints over not being able to measure and cut straight lines like Mommy’s, belches and toots, someone being sent out to run around the house 4 times and do 27 jumping jacks to help with energy…and school work. 

Tonight is youth group, and that means rushed, quick supper without [my hubby] and getting home well after bed times. 

…add a room clearing diaper explosion.  And S. emptied the dirty diapers into the clean ones again…

And this was all in one day?! 

I asked her permission to share these bits with you, and this is what she said:

…just don’t build me up to something I’m not.  I cling to the verse about his mercies being new every morning.  Our days are busy but our hearts are full of love.

This only proves how super she is.  

Moms all around the world are dealing with crazy days like this one.  Remember who to lean on.

Had a day like that recently?