Here you will find easy-to-read, picture-free versions of every recipe I post.  This should make printing the recipes you like much easier.  Each one is a favorite in our home – hope you enjoy them too!

You can either follow the drop-down links in the menu above, or click on the following links:

Appetizers/Snacks (dips, homemade chips, crunchy things, naughty things)

Baked Goods (breads, muffins, cookies, scones)

Breakfast (eggs, flapjacks, waffles)

Homemade Pantry (staples you never knew you could make)

Main Dishes (meats, soups, stews, vegetarian delights, etc)

Side Dishes (vegetables, grains, legumes, etc)



2 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. You may enjoy a dear friend of mine’s blog, who is devoted to feeding her family real/whole foods and makes everything from scratch. The woman has even made her own yogurt! =) Anyway, if you want to check out her blog it is: You will find lots of “from scratch” tips and ideas there.

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